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"Well, I think it’s his relationship with Emma. That developed quite a lot and halfway through the season, he realized that the quest for revenge that he’d been on for so long wasn’t really doing much for him. He believed that he could love again when he met Emma and got to know her. He decided to allow himself to feel again, and I think that’s really what it all came down to - this idea that he’d spent hundreds of years living with hatred and revenge in his heart for the death of Milah and having met Emma he sort of realized ‘Oh my god, I can actually feel for somebody again.’"
- Colin O’Donoghue (x)
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"I love acting because you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again, every day, and that’s what attracted me to wanting to do this for a living. So to be given an opportunity to create something completely different and live that out is the dream. It’s incredibly rewarding." 

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once upon a time meme: eight outfits [5/8]
     ↳ Emma in 3x12

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there are people in the fandom who can

  • write fanfictions
  • draw fanarts
  • create gifs
  • think of theories
  • edit stuff

and then there’s me

But there’s you, who

You are just as important as the rest of us.

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I think my opinion about Sean Maguire just went up.  How respectful was that about your castmate. 

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Cs eating pasta (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Thanks to mrsmerylstreep ​ for the suggestion!

Cs eating pasta (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ 
Thanks to
mrsmerylstreep ​ for the suggestion!

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                                              "I’m in this for the long haul."                                                                                                             the story of a pirate and a princess.

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And they lived happily ever after…

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Headcanon, In wich Emma, Regina and Hook finally get along and Henry lives separately with both his moms (and step-fathers). But sometimes, they want to have some privacy… It doesn’t always turn out very well for everyone.

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Josh Dallas X , X

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2x06-4x01: Captain Swan being the awesome team they are.

Oh God, the feels…

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The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

have unfollowed 20+ blogs on here already and i will unfollow anyone else who reblogs nude photos taken NON-CONSENSUALLY from these women.  it is sexual violation (fueled by the objectification of women) and anybody who participates that is the literal scum of the earth

look at all the neat things this woman has done i love her

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requested by i-love-you-swan

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favorite captain swan moments throughout season 3 {3/~}

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