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                    ”and when i’m with y o u, so close to feeling a l i v e.”

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swanmeme: 2/8 quotes

"That look in his eyes, the despair… I had it, back when I was in the foster system."

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High enough for you to make me wonder

Where it’s goin’

High enough for you to pull me under

Somethin’s growin’

I did everything for you.

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Do you know any good AU cursed!Hook fics where he is in Storybrooke when Emma first arrives? I'm looking for something that's a really good emotional read XD



I thought I’d done a list of these before, but looking back it seems I haven’t. I mean I’ve recced some of these fics at times, but never in a dedicated list, so let’s remedy that, shall we?

  • The End Has Only Begun - Okay, this is not quite what you’re asking for but I love it to bits. Killian is ‘cursed’… at least, he’s in our world with no memory, but he’s not in Storybrooke. He’s dating Emma before the series begins and follows her into town.
  • Heaven Disturbed - Hook’s cursed self is a priest. Definitely a bit of a feels trip.
  • Finding The Way Home - Awesome fic with two AU divergences - Hook’s brought over by the curse; and August doesn’t leave Emma, instead growing up with her as her brother. One of my absolute favorite cursed!Hook fics.
  • you spoke my language series - Okay, so you have to start with the prequel, which is set in the EF and is kinda Captain Duckling, but the second one does get to Storybrooke and just it’s amazing and definitely emotional (pretty heavy angst warning).
  • Like Whiskey (Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking) - Great oneshot, though it doesn’t really delve into any of the show’s main plot. Killian owns a ‘secret’ bar inconveniently deep in the woods.
  • How Cheerfully - If you’re interested I wrote a cursed!Hook oneshot. It’s kinda evil though, he takes on Graham’s role so yeah, pain.
  • A Perfect Situation - This is just a simple oneshot, but it’s cute and won’t take long to read.
  • the wonderful mess that we’ve made - This may or may not fit but I’m counting it because it’s sweet and, again, a quick read. Lieutenant Duckling, curse cast later, and then cursed!Hook.
  • Morning Sheriff Swan - This is the most recent cursed!Hook fic, I think. It’s another oneshot kinda skimming through S1, I quite like it.
  • A Dash of Cinnamon - Killian (or rather, James) owns a coffeeshop, and ends up joining Operation Cobra on Henry’s request.
  • Bedroom Hymns - Kind of post 3A, Killian’s cursed identity is a priest. With Henry and Neal in New York, Emma tries to get him to remember his true self, and her. I know it’s not S1, but it does have cursed!Hook so I thought you might like it.
  • Bleed My Heart Dry - The premise of this didn’t appeal much to me so I haven’t read it, but it’s pretty long and I think pretty popular. Emma falls for Chris Jones, but things are complicated by his curse fiance.
  • Broken Souls Mend Hearts - If you want a long one though, this is the longest. It starts at the very beginning of the series and is almost done with Cora now. The premise is Cora let Hook get taken by the curse at the last minute, and he ends up cursed as Graham’s deputy.
  • Hearts On Fire - Emma meets the firefighter ‘Jas’ after pulling Regina out of the fire in her office. Seems promising but it hasn’t been updated in a long time.
  • Teach Me How To Love Again - Not only is Hook brought along by the curse, this fic also diverges from canon pretty significantly in that Snow was able to go through the wardrobe with Emma (though that doesn’t happen quite how you might expect).
  • Peace I Leave With You - adding this after a couple people reblogged and recced it. A priest!cursed!Hook, supposed to be really realistic and well-written. I haven’t read it yet myself but I will shortly because it sounds pretty good (thanks artielu and @whateverericsintotheseday.)



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in the confusion and the aftermath, you are my signal fire.

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"Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the capitol. We’re very familiar with each other’s screams.”




awww the start of captain cobra

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#it’s half-endearing half-heartbreaking that Emma and Hook - in a long run - are the only ones who place Henry first#without feeling entitled to him or perceiving him as a possession but treating him as a human being with needs and emotions#this does apply to David and Mary Margaret to a degree#however they - understandably - invest more energy into rebuilding their relationship with Emma and forming emotional connection with her#due to being previously deprived of the opportunity to raise her and assist her through every step of physical and mental evolution#Henry is a part of Emma for them and they consider him a kid who needs guidance and protection#Emma and Hook on the other hand treat him like an equal with interests and longings and traumas and experience#they relate to him rather than patronize him and they listen to what he has to say and they have stories to tell in return#ouat



characters that go from villain to weird family member give me strength